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Choosing Situs for a Trust

Speakers: Martin M. Shenkman, Esq. and Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq.   Situs refers to the…

Trust Protectors

Speakers: Martin M. Shenkman, Esq. and Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq.   Trust protectors have become…

Prenuptial Agreements

 Speakers: Susan Reach Winters and Martin M. Shenkman Prenuptial agreements are a vital step…

New Health Care Advance Directive for Dementia Patients

 Speakers: Peter J. Strauss and Martin M. Shenkman As many as 6.5 million Americans…

Why Trusts Should Not Pay Out at Specified Ages

 Speakers: Jonathan G. Blattmachr and Martin M. Shenkman The most common historic way to…


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