Dealing with divorce

By: Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, JD

Divorce affects a tremendous segment of the population. To properly protect yourself, your family and your assets, you should proceed by hiring a matrimonial attorney (not doing it yourself). If mediation can work to resolve key issues without the antagonism and cost of a legal battle, try to pursue it, but do so under the guidance of an attorney. Be certain to consult with an accountant about the myriad of tax implications in dealing with divorce. If you have real estate or business interests an appraiser will have to be hired. You should seriously consider consulting with a family therapist on how to best handle the situation, whatever it is. There is far to great a tendency to think that you can handle divorce matters, or even selected portions, on your own without a knowledgeable attorney. A matrimonial attorney will have familiarity with a wide range of ancillary issues, not just filling out forms. Get professional help. It can cost less, and be less antagonistic in the long run than trying it on your own.

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