Accused of Stealing

Accused of Stealing

When I left my company, I was accused in a letter from their lawyers of stealing a hard drive. I was also accused of stealing parts from the company and running a side business with them. I didn't steal anything. What can I do to clear my name.


As part of the process of leaving an employer you should have a signed termination agreement. In that agreement the employer, who should want the agreement more than the employee in most cases, lists corporate property it wants returned, reinforces (or sometimes creates for the first time) non-disclosure provisions and perhaps other restrictive covenants. From your perspective as an employee, you should ask for fina compensation, confirm any continuing benefits, address stock options or any other financial entangelments with your former employer. Some employees negotiate an acknowledgement by the employer that there are no charges or claims against them. This would be important in your situation. Some employees also ask for an agreement for the former employer to provide some type of letter of reference. In some cases the actual language of that reference is agreed to in the termination agreement. The details will often depend on the relative bargaining strength of each party. Unfortunatley, in your situation it sounds like you've already left which could change dramatically the dynamics of the process. But if your former employer wants something from you it might still be obtainable. You should consult with a business attorney in your area (state laws differ pretty significantly).

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