Advance Directive

Advance Directive

Do you have simple forms to help me prepare an Advance Directive?


There are a number of sample forms on the Law Easy web site. Look in the estate planning section. BE CAREFUL about the idea of a "simple" form. Simple forms, as most of the forms most people are now signing becuase of all the media attention to living wills can often be quite problematic. Here's a few pointers:

  • You need BOTH a living will which is a statement of your health care wishes in broad terms. This might be referred to as an advanced directive.
  • You must have a health care proxy in which you appoint an agent to make decisions for you when you cannot do so for yourself. Your agent should act in accord with the broad guidelines of the living will.
  • Address religious, philisophical, personal and other end of life wishes. "Simple" probably won't accomplish this.

See our book on the web site Living Wills and Health Care Proxies.... It has lots of sample forms, but more importantly guidance to help you make many of the really important decisions.

See the Q&As in the estate planning section of this web site.

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