Car Purchase Perk Not Honored

Car Purchase Perk Not Honored

I bought a *NAME OF CAR in 2004. The purchase included no cost oil change/ free car wash every 3500 miles

About 1 1/2 yrs ago, the franchise was sold. The new owner has continued to honor those free items. The dealership was never closed, as owners changed.

I was told the free oil/wash will now stop. Is that legal to stop a purchase service I paid?


Start with the contract. What does it say? It may or may not matter what you were "told" as a verbal commitment may or may not be enforceable depending on state law and the terms of the written contract. You should contact the consumer protection agencies for your state to see if you can have any recourse through them. You should contact the auto manufacturer and see if they will stand behind the dealer's promise. While the right answer is to hire a local (i.e., in your state lawyer) that specializes in consumer litigation issues it doesn't sound like the cost will be worthwhile in light of what is involved. Although not honoring a commitment, verbal or written is clearly morally wrong, the cost of an oil change and wash is probably too small to warrant much effort or investment on your part to fight. Too often that is the position consumers find themselves in. While in different times you might call a local television station or newspaper that has a column/segment that advocates for consumer rights, with the economic carnage of the recession your issue may not get the attention. Sorry we cannot offer you more guidance.

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