Cash Rental of Farm Property

Cash Rental of Farm Property

Do you have a form that applys to cash rent of farm property?


Not really sure what you're referring to. If you're referring to a lease then you probably can get a standard form of farm lease from an office supply store in your area (but I really think you're always better off consulting a local real estate attorney if you want a lease done properly). If this isn't what you're referring to, please re-submit the question with more details.

There are some sample lease forms on this website and we can try to get more on, but you also need to be specfiic. Are you refering to a lease for farm land (i.e. real property in legal terms) or farm equipment (i.e. personal property in legal terms) or both? If you do go to a local office supply store, you need to be clear on what is being leased, for how long and for what terms. Both sides to the lease should also be careful to review their insurance coverage to be sure its done correctly. You would not want an injury that is uninsured. Best bet - consult with a local attorney.

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