Contract Arbitration

Contract Arbitration

Is contract arbitration a good idea, or should I reject the possibility of giving up (as en employee) my right for litigation? Does, or can, arbitration protect me as well as litigation does? Or is it mostly for my boss' convenience? What are the pros and cons of resolving disputes in arbitration for a business?


If you're signing an employment contract go see an employment lawyer (or at least a lawyer specializing in contracts or business law) to review the contract. This question should be posed to them. The nuances may be important as well. An experienced local lawyer can help you interpret the nuances. For example, who is the group named for arbitration purposes? Do they have a bent in favor of employers or are they likely to be independent? While many people advocate for arbitration as a quicker and cheaper option , that is not always the case as you may be giving up important legal remedies. If, for example, you could qualify for a jury trial in your jurisdiction, might the jury be more inclined to see things for you the opressed and abused employee than an arbitration panel of an industry trade group made up of member employers? Talk to a lawyer, its worth a consult.

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