Credit Card Write-Off

Credit Card Write-Off

My wife had her credit card charged off in 1996. She still gets letters informing her that her account has been sold (multiple times) and that she owes a certain amount of money. Why is her account repeatedly sold to other agencies?


I assume you mean "charged off" that she paid it all off in full. If you have a bill and check showing paid in full (copy of the front and back of the cancelled check that you paid off the credit card) and a follow up zero balance bill, send it to them certified mail. If you have a buddy that is a lawyer that can send the letter for free on his/her letterhead it might get a tad more respect. As for why the accounts were sold, business. Companies buy mortgages, loans, credit card debt and more. Package it up, put a ribbon on it, and sell it. Your concern is getting it dealt with. You should also call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if the company is not responsive. Your wife is also entitled to a free copy of her credit report. Get one and then file a notice if this card appears stating why you disagree. Protecting her credit is a very important matter.

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