Divorce After Short Marriage

Divorce After Short Marriage

My father in law is about to get a divorce from his wife of only 1 1/2 years. He owned the house his name was on everything and no accounts were in her name. Does she have the right to get any of his pension or bank accounts after a short marriage in State X.


Your father in law should hire a matrimonial attorney in his state to handle the divorce properly. Did he sign a prenuptial agreement? If not, there still might be some property settlement or maintenance although factors such as the short term marriage would obviously be considered. His wife might claim she cared for the house, painted it, decorated it, and so forth. At minimum he should have a consult with a matrimonial attorney to find out how best to handle it. Ir rarely pays to do it alone. If the divorce is "amicable" mediation might help, but encourage him to consult a lawyer to find out how to proceed.

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