Durable power of attorney

Durable power of attorney

I am looking for a free form so I can fill it out. Do you know where to find them. Do you have any?


Free" -- alas, what does that mean. You can print the durable power from this web site and probably mark it up. That would be "free" but would it be what you and your loved ones need? Likely not. Better than free and unsure is cost effective and good. My suggestion -- print the form on this web site, discuss all the many issues (agents, how much power to give, etc.) with your spouse/partner or others affected. Make as many decisions and note your conclusions and questions in the margins. Then sit down with an estate planning specialist (more expensive then a generalist) and let them draft what you really need. Doing the leg work will save you a bundle, but doing the leg work and getting an expert will really protect you. There are so many nuances to a power that a lay person cannot understand or address piratically that to do so is almost assuredly a mistake. If you don't buy this philosophy head into a local office supply store and get a common standard form used in your state (ask your banker or real estate broker for the common state form) -- but remember the old adage, don't be "penny wise and pound foolish".

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