I haven't been able to secure a refund from a seller on eBay. Do I have any recourse?


You should immeidately contact eBay and report the issue. We are not familiar with the terms of the eBay agreements, but you should reveiw them. What are the terms of the purchase you made? What does eBay require to file a complaint or obtain a refund? Start with all of the options eBay provides to you. They are a huge company and likely have formal proceedures to address whatever issue occurred. If the amounts involved are large enough you could retain a lawyer to sue the seller, but the lawyer would have to start with the same steps above -- namely reviewing the documents and agreements you probably clicked right through in completing your eBay transaction, and likely then exhausting eBay proceedures. Too many on line shoppers click right through important legal documents and disclosures without really reading or understanding them. It may be too late, but read everything you and the seller agreed to.

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