Emergency Child Medical Form

Emergency Child Medical Form

I am a subscriber to the magazine Bottom Line Personal, in the December 2006 issue on page 15 they mentioned that this form was available to download at your web site. I have not been sucessful in finding the link. Can you lead me to it.


Sure. I'll tell you where to find it then explain to other visitors to the site why this form was create (we made it up!). Go to the estate planning section (use the navigation buttons on th4e upper left side of the home page). Then scroll down to estate planning forms. Only the last few forms are listed so click on the button in the lower left of the box to see all forms. Scroll down until you see it.

The Emergency Child Medical Form was created by us to fulfill what we perceived as a gap in many estate plans. If you have a minor child and leave on vacation, will Aunt Edna or the nanny have the authority and information to address a medical emergency for the kids you leave behind? Not really. Your wills may appoint a guardian but you're still alive so that won't help. Your durable power of attorney will likely authorize an agent to provide financially for a minor child of yours. Your living will and health care proxy address your medical issues, but not your minor childs. Seems that there is a clear gap. With so many parents working and traveling a form to leave behind to authorize your designated care givers to get your child medical treatment, and that also has much of they key personal, medical and insurance information medical provides are likely to need, seems advisable. That is why we created the form. But caution is in order. We really created the form from scratch. While we are hopeful and optimistic that it should prove helpful, there is no law supporting its use.

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