Free divorce papers

Free divorce papers

How may I receive free do it yourself divorce papers. I have very little money ,so please advise me on getting divorced?


There is always an issue with many people who seek advice. Do they want to hear what they NEED to hear or just what they want to hear. What you want to hear is free documents. You can probably go to any public library or do an internet search to find sample "free" divorce documents. You can also buy kits from various publishers. The problem is, even if you don't have much money, there are vital issues that affect many divorces. Having little money or a lot of money doesn't change the need to be sure you are not saddled with tax liabilities or other debts of your ex. Did you both file joint income tax returns? If she/he lied willyou be liable for the tax? If there is a refund due, who gets it? Who gets credit for joint estimated taxes paid if any for the current year? This is not always a simple matter. Are there any assets to divide? Even if few or little, that doesn't automatically mean no liabilities. Did you have joint credit cards with your ex? If there are children, visitation and host of other personal matters are vital to address. These issues require some knowledge and experience so that a free form may end up being more costly then a good lawyer. Finally, if that is not enough cause for concern, the rules differ considerably from state to state.

All the above being said, getting free forms and working out the details ahead of time can get you a much more economic result. That in fact is the purpose of this web site. We'll be adding more divorce forms in the future.

Now the issue is, how can you get a lawyer to help for a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, this really isn't easy. Not all lawyers are really as skilled or caring as you would like (true in every profession, but lawyers seem to get more of the bad rap). Many divorce attorneys charge minimum fees that are quite substantial and thus would not even take your case. There should however, be some competent lawyers with a matrimonial specialty that could at least consult with you, review the assets, tax returns, facts, etc. in the case and help you identify if there are really any issues that require more sophisticated legal help (little money doesn't guarantee that). Perhaps you can get a good matrimonial specialist to have a consult only. For a simple case they should be able to outline many of the issues you need, and give you some direction.

By the way, there are other issues to address as well, and there are lots of good books out there to help. You must make sure to each have your own insurance coverage (cars, apartment/house, etc.). When you divorce that changes. Any joint credit cards and accounts will have to be divided. You want to make sure any bills you were both on (or you were on but your ex will keep) such as cable TV, etc. get cleaned up. Medical insurance - who had who on whose plan and what will you do about coverage? Lots of issues, not just dividing up the money.

Last point, the key to keeping the cost down in a divorce is not waging war against each other. Its a great way to destroy any financial benefits or assets you both have.

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