Getting out of Contract If I Did Not Know What I Was Signing

Getting out of Contract If I Did Not Know What I Was Signing

I have been in special education through out my whole life, and am at a 5th grade reading level and I was lead to believe I was co-signer not knew I was being forced to sign and that I didn't understand what I was signing. My sister put a bid for house using my ID and Social Security Number, pay stubs, bank statements and Realtor knew at all times she was not me and allowed it.


You need to hire a real estate lawyer FAST. You cannot handle this on your own. If you don't have the financial wherewithal to hire an attorney call you local Bar association and ask for help. Often new attorneys will agree to provide services at discounted rates, or even free consultations. If you did not understand the contract you signed, and if you were coerced or defrauded into signing it that may be a basis to overturn the contract to of sale and even the deed. But this will depend on the actual facts in the case, your state laws, perhaps even what is in the contract. Also, if it was your sister involved, there may be a concern that you and your sister were acting together. Get a lawyer!

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