Jewish (Halachic) Will

Jewish (Halachic) Will

Do you have more information about how I write a Jewish (halachic) will, living will (health care proxy), and Power of Attorney.


Take a look at the discussion in the Relgion and the Law section of this web site. For a living will (health care proxy) my recent book: Living Wills and Health Care Proxies: Assuring Your End of Life Decisions has a discussion of a range of religious issues and living wills. You can get it, and the sample forms it contains, from You can call Agudath Israel in New York City for their form. As for wills, there are a host of methods different authorities recognize for addressing biblical laws of inheritance. Perhaps the most common is a Shtar Chov which is used to crate a debt to non-biblical heirs that becomes void if they accept a secular will. You need to address these issues with an estate specialist familiar with both estate planning and Jewish law. There are a host of other critical issues that you will want to address.

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