Laches / stress

Laches / stress

Is documented severe, debilitating depression brought on by the same actions on which a lawsuit will be based, be considered when determining laches?


Laches is am equitable legal doctrine that provides if you sit on your rights and don't pursue them, you will loose them. In evaluating whether or not the equitable doctrine of laches will prevent you from pursing a claim or right, the courts may consider circumstances that mitigate against finding that your rights have been lost. Medical demonstrable depression of a magnitude that might be a factor that a court will consider in not applying the doctrine of laches.

While your question is a bit unclear it appears that you may have missed a time period during which you have to bring a suit (statute of limitations). It is not clear whether a court will permit you to waive a statute of limitations, or even if the court would have the authority to do so, in light of a medical condition, as a court might in applying an equitable doctrine of laches as discussed above.

Statutes of limitations may be strictly enforced. Consult an attorney in your state immediately for help.

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