Minor Child – Care

Minor Child – Care

My daughters friend T*** is living with us in our home. She is 17 years old. Her parents have moved to a different state. I can not get her enrolled into school because I have nothing stating that I can make any type of decisions for her. And I really don't want to be involved with the court system. Since I need to make medical and other decisions for her I am not sure what I need to have them sign. I did print up a form for temporary guardianship that needs to be notarized. Is that good enough to enroll her in school and make medical decisions for her? Also how do I go about stating that I do not want to be liable for any medical bills or another type of bills that she may incur. I am charging nothing for her staying here. But I am concerned since at this time her parents have no medical insurance or great income.


Whoa! I'm not sure why your friends daughter is living with you or why you're making decisions for her. That really should be for her parents to do, not you. You should NOT simply sign guardian forms. If you really should become a guardian for T*** you must have an attorney in your state make the appropriate submissions to the court that handles such matters. They will certainly include her parents in the process and they would have to be willing to give you these rights. The court would also ask T*** since she's already 17 what she thinks. Will the school let you even enroll someone simply staying with you whose parents don't live in the area and for whom it sounds you have no legal relationship? It would seem that the school system would be concerned about this. Your medical insurance and other coverage may not protect her (or you!). Why aren't her parents covering her? Can you even add her to your coverage if there is no legal relationship? Bottom Line: This issue is way to specific and important for an on-line vague freebie or a fill-in-the-blank form. You owe it to yourself and T*** to get this straightened out. Get a good local family law attorney, and they might recommend more than just the legal issues be addressed.

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