Pain Management Clinic

Pain Management Clinic

What are the laws for opening a pain management clinic for a business?


There are a host of rules that must be addressed in opening a pain management clinic (do you mean surgery center?). There will be state licensing requirements. These differ from state to state and we cannot give any state specific advice. You really need to consult with an attorney who specializes in medical law in your state. Preferably one who has experience working on surgical centers. Federal law as to who can own the clinic may be relevant. For example, the Stark rules must be considered to avoid violating rules restricting referrals. If the owners of the proposed clinic are employees or work in other facilities, hospitals or practices, they may be subject to non-compete or other restrictions (e.g., in employment agreements) that must be considered. If you are working with a consultant specializing in setting up such centers he/she can provide guidance.

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