Reimbursement Amount for Probate Court Investigation

Reimbursement Amount for Probate Court Investigation

I filed a petition of guardianship of my daughter and her estate. They are asking me to pay for reimbursement of any investigation conducted by the Probate court investigator, annually. It says that I have the right to file an objection in writing. Does the objection have to be done on a specific form or can it simply be in letter form?


You should call the particular court clerk and ask if they have as particular format that they want used for the filing. Most court filings have a format, heading, etc. If you find a cooperative clerk they might be willing to send you a sample. You might also try on line to see if the particular court involved has any sample forms on a web site. It sounds as if in the initial proceeding the court would have a court appointed person (guardian ad litem) review the case to be sure what was being proposed was in the best interest of your daughter (the ward). However, it is not clear what annual investigation cost would be necessary, although there is commonly an annual or other periodic reporting. If the court is seeking to impose additional costs try to find out why. It might be possible that if you use a particular approved investment approach, etc. that the annual charges can be diminished.

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