Sample Revocable living Trust

Sample Revocable living Trust

Is the sample trust document still available and I think it contained about 30+ pages with comments too discuss with your lawyer. I would like to update my personal Rev. Liv. Trust document which I drew up after reading of Cliffords book from nolo press and other trust info.. Can you help ? Thank you.


There is a revocable living trust form with lots of detailed sample provisions on this website. You can use that to supplement what you've read in Clifford's book (Nolo Press is the publisher for other visitors that aren't clear). Be cautious as some of the tax and other provisions in the sample form are not fully current. However, you really need an estate planning specialist. Why are you using a living trust? Will it really accomplish your goals? What ancillary documents and steps should you take? Most living trust plans are really not done well. Asset protection, disability planning and a host of other important issues are often not well addressed in many living trust plans. Too often these plans focus on avoiding probate to the exclusion of all else. While there is nothing wrong with minimizing probate costs and time, avoiding it is not always possible, and frankly, in many situations its really not a big deal. There are however, many other steps that too often get overshadowed. Be sure you have a comprehensive plan that address all key personal goals and issues, not just probate avoidance. A good book to read is Shenkman "The Complete Living Trust Program" published by John Wiley and available through There are also lots of Q&As on this website about living trusts that will give you ideas and insights. Good luck.

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