Simple Will

Simple Will

I need to go about writing a will myself. I have a house and a car. plus personal belongings.


Sounds like your situation is quite simple. Perhaps the most cost effective way to write a will for a SIMPLE estate is to purchase a software package like Quicken Home Lawyer or a Will writing program from Nolo Press. Problem and reality is that most wills are not as simple as lay-people think. Hard to assure you that an inexpensive will making software program will do the job. But your situation, unless there are other complications, does sound simple. Its also difficult to assure that if you hire a lawyer you'll get a better result for the cost you incur unless you hire an experienced attorney. All that being said, here are a few pointers:

  • I assume you're single, you did not say anything about a spouse, partner or child. All of these complicate the planning and documents.
  • Its not only about a will. Even if your estate situation is simple, you need a PLAN. You need to address planning for retirement, insurance, disability planning and more. Everyone needs more than just a will.
  • Be sure to also prepare a durable power of attorney (names someone to take legal, tax and financial steps in the event you cannot).
  • Be sure to prepare a living will (statement of health care wishes) and a health care proxy (designates someone to act on your behalf to make medical decisions).
  • Write up a letter of last instruction, including an indication of where your personal property should be given.
  • Set up a list of emergency information and communicate it to people you will rely on in an emergency.

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