Termination of payment of alimony

Termination of payment of alimony

I have been paying a sum of money as alimony as agreed in a divorce settlement to my former wife for a number of years, Now that I am retired I am no longer able to fulfill that commitment. Is there any example of a legal petition that you may recommend to me that I may submit to the court to have these payments terminated?


You need to first determine what your agreement did, if anything, to address changes in circumstances, such as retirement. Next, you need to review what your state law will permit by way of changed circumstances. This will likely require that you review court cases on the issue. These will likely be fact sensitive. All this is reasons why you should consult a local family attorney in your state to draft the document. If the attorney can give you gudiance on the parameters of what state law is, you can develop the facts to help the attorney develop the complaint (or other legal documents) necessary. Don't assume that merle retirement will enable you to avoid any further payments. A reduction may be another alternative.

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