Will – Bequest of House

Will – Bequest of House

I'd like to know what steps I need to take to change ownership on my grandfahters home. He passed away leaving me his home. I have a copy of his will. His 5 children (all deceased) and their children, other than me, have been ommitted from his will intentionally. My mom, one of his daughters and myself are executors of his will. She is no longer living. I was not going to do anything about this and just continue to allow the house to be used for free renting to my two sisters, brother, and their children based on the assumption that they would keep the home in good condition. The home is in badly need of many repairs and I'm not sure if they are even paying the taxes. This has forced me to take appropriate action which they do not care as long as they can continue to live there for free! If I can avoid the huge costs involved in probate that would be great. No one will contest.


Whoa! That is a long question. The right answer, which is not the answer you want, it go hire a probate attorney NOW. You have real estate. Title (ownership) must be handled carefully and properly. If the ownership of the house passes under the will, the will has to be probated. Your lawyer needs to see the deed, will, death certificate, and probably other documents to help you resolve this. You have a host of issues. Is the house properly insured? If not, a fire could destroy everything. If taxes aren't paid the house could be lost! Don't assume no one will sue. Is it really clear that you are the sole heir? Will everyone really agree to that (especially if their free use of the house ends?). There are so many risks and issues, get a lawyer!

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