Work Place Harassment

Work Place Harassment

Any state and/or federal statutes regarding work place non sexual harassment by supervisors?


There are a host of federal and state statutes on these issues. Try a google search with the issues and phrases (like sexual harrasment) and the name of your state. If you work for a company with more than a few people there is a good chance that there is a firm manual or at least a specific policy issued by the employer on sexual harrasment. Many insurance companies require this as part of the insurance process. If your company is large enough, it should have a human resource department that can give you the policy and advise you as to how to file a complaint. In a smaller company the situation may be awkward but there may be policies. You should probably consult a lawyer right a way because if something did occur you don't want to miss any required deadline for filing a claim (statute of limitations). So, your best starting point may be a consultation with an employment law specialist. You might be able to get a reference from the local bar association (there may be an employment law division or group).

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