Communicating about wealth to family members

Communicating about wealth to family members

By: Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, JD

In recent years, America, as well as other countries, has become increasingly wealthy. However, there is a 70% failure rate with regard to transferring estates. Most of the failure is due to a lack of communication within the family that leads to mismanagement of money, lawsuits, etc.

  • A practical precursor to a “family meeting” is an executive board meeting with the husband and wife, their advisors, accountant, attorney, financial planner, wealth manager, etc.
  • If you cannot afford such a meeting, meet with only your accountant or wealth manager, and have him put everyone else on a conference call to minimize time.
  • After this precursory meeting, bring your heirs to a meeting, so that they can establish a relationship with the advisors.
  • You can also explain to your heirs certain decisions you have made, such as why one child is inheriting more than another child.

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